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Blackjack 2 Firmware – Crippled RAM? An update…

Posted by sleewok on 2008, January 14

I put a lot of time looking into the problem over the weekend and I believe I have solid evidence to show that the firmware has crippled the BJ2 so that only 64MB of RAM is actually used.


WM_Hibernate comes from the .NET CF 2.0 class MobileDevice. This class provides an event handler that is called Hibernate and provides access to the wm_hibernate message [2005-Wilson], .

Performance Implications

Obviously this will have a negative impact on the overall performance, but even greater impact on switching between applications. A message, call wm_hibernate, is sent at specific times once a certain amount of memory is in use. The closer you get to that memory threshold, the more frequently the message is sent to applications [2006-Derks]. Depending on the application, several things may take place. Resources in the application may be freed up/closed. It’s important to note that the threshold values can be modified by the OEM.

This can not only hurt performance when switching back to an application that has released resources, but can also affect the performance of your current application. If the response to wm_hibernate has been poorly implemented into an application, or the function performed is intense, you could see a slow-down for your entire system.

You may have noticed that many WM applications do not have the option to fully close or exit the application. Developers wanted to simplify memory management for application developers. After a period of time, if the memory has not been reduced enough the OS will close the least recently used application.

More Soon…

I plan on putting together a more organized report on my findings and a few more technical details within the next couple days.

Until then…


2005-Wilson url
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2006-Derks url
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Trick: Flexible Zooming in Opera Mobile 8.65 (Smartphone)

Posted by sleewok on 2008, January 13

Originally posted here.

Okay, this isn’t exactly as dynamic as the zoom function for operamini, but it works and makes browsing with Opera Mobile 8.65 a lot more acceptable.
When using Opera Mobile 8.65 I can now zoom to view an entire page width with a single button, and then zoom to a section as well. I have also altered the directional pad/scrollbar to actually scroll and remapped the traditional link navigation to another set of buttons.

Here is the new button Key Mapping:
a = zoom out to 25%
/  = zoom in to 100%
q = zoom in 10
w = zoom out 10
scroll wheel = scroll up and down
u = navigate up to link
j = navigate down to link
h = navigate left to link
k = navigate right to link

Setup Guide (link to download ini below):
This is done by modifying the opera.ini that is located in the /ApplicationData/Opera/ folder. You can edit that file yourself and configure the keys however you like. If you don’t want to copy the file to your desktop everytime, you can grab PocketNotepad (http://tillanosoft.com/ce/pnotepad.html and make the changes from your phone.
There are sections in the INI file defined by [Section] which controls when you are in various modes of the browser.

CHANGE/ADD the following code into the opera.ini file within the [Browser Widget] section:


h = Navigate left
k = Navigate right
u = Navigate up
j = Navigate down
Up = Scroll up
Down = Scroll down
Left = Scroll left
Right = Scroll right

CHANGE/ADD the following code into the opera.ini file within the [WinCE Application] section:


q = Zoom in, 10
w = Zoom out, 10
a = Zoom to, 25
/ = Zoom to, 100

For those of you that want it now, grab the INI file here (right-click save-as) and copy it to /ApplicationData/Opera/ folder on your device:

That about does it. I’m sure we could come up with even better tweaks, and I hope people will add them to this thread.

You can find a more comprehensive list of available actions here:

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