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The Blackjack 2 Firmware – Crippled Performance?

Posted by sleewok on 2008, January 13

I originally posted this here.

Has anyone noticed how Windows Mobile 5/6 (WM6) will close programs at seemingly random points in time? How do we get this to stop? I’m guessing it has to do with built-in memory management and it will close programs as memory reaches a certain point (see: http://blogs.msdn.com/windowsmobile/archive/2006/08/16/702746.aspx) . –Thanks Da_G for the link.

I have a Blackjack 2 (BJ2) and I can’t even come close to reaching the available memory (110MB as stated in task manager). I’ve tried running my phone without closing programs but WM6 always keeps me under 60MB. I’ve applied the registry settings for cache optimizations and even increased their values over the traditional settings for the BJI.

I went through and starting running every application on my phone, checking the task manager every few applications to see where the memory was sitting. The highest I have EVER seen is 60MB/109MB. Eventually the memory use always drops back down below 50MB. It seems like a couple of things may be going on.

Perhaps the system is not aware of the available RAM on the level that matters (for example if wm_hibernate is coded as a percentages of a static value for RAM). Another thought is that the wm_hibernate is initiated at static X or greater amount of memory use.

This base BJ2 WM6 setup is crap. If anyone has been able to see more than 60MB of memory used over an extended period of time on their BJ2, please let me know how you did it?

In summary, I have to say that AT&T/Samsung’s BJ2 WM6 release (in terms of optimization and performance) is seemingly ripped straight from the original Blackjack. I it doesn’t seem like they made any changes to optimize the system for increased memory. For one, this is most easily seen by the fact that registry settings related to mem/cache are the same as they are for the BJ1. If they are too lazy to simply change registry settings I’m pretty sure they haven’t changed the setting in XIP.

I don’t think this is good for AT&T. Particularly in the case where many BJ1 owners are quite convinced that ATT screwed them over by promising to release WM6 for the BJ1. I can say for certain, but this WM6 OS feels like it was pulled straight from the BJ1 and tossed in cause it would “work”.

Da_G, the Chef, is looking into this and I should be able to verify if the the software is indeed crippled.

Head over to the TxCaesar ROM Kitchen and Wares to find out how real firmwares for Blackjack phones are made


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