…is neverMind


Hello, my name is Lee.

I started this blog to keep track of all the craziness that goes on in my mind. I have a lot of ideas that I plan on sharing with the world.

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I have a BS in Computer Graphics Technology with an emphasis in Technical and Spatial Graphics from Purdue University. I’m currently working towards a Masters in Applied Computer Graphics.


I’m the project manager for Seyet LLC, and I’m responsible for maintaining the production pipeline and technology implementation. I have several other responsibilities that change from day to day.


I co-authored Maya 4/4.5 Fundamentals. This book was the definitive starters guide for Alias Maya (back in the day), it was one of the best selling books on learning this widely used high-end 3D animation package.

“Implementation of a Distributed Rendering Environment for the TeraGrid. “Gooding, S.L., Arns, L., Smith, P., Tillotson, J. CLADE 2006, Paris, France.

“The Design of a Distributed Rendering Environment to Support Classroom Instruction in Animation and Scientific Visualization.” Madhavan, K., Arns, L., Bertoline, G., Gooding, S.L. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, vol 25, no 5, pp. 32-38, Sept/Oct 2005


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